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In order to further the mission and vision of Creative Village as an urban infill, mixed-use transit oriented development, the Master Developer is collaborating with various project partners and consultants on planning efforts that will shape future development at Creative Village. To date, numerous documents including the Master Plan and Phasing Plan, Architectural and Design Guidelines, Planned Development Zoning Ordinance, Streetscape Design Guidelines, Mobility Plan, Infrastructure Master Plan and Public Art Guidelines have been completed. The Parks and Open Space Master Plan will be completed in 2018.

The Creative Village Development Review Committee (CVDRC) has held several meetings to review development proposed at Creative Village. To download the CVDRC schedule, agendas and meeting minutes visit the City of Orlando’s website.

JLL is marketing select parcels at Creative Village for sale to compatible and qualified third-party purchasers. Targeted uses include multifamily, office, commercial and/or mixed-use. In accordance with the Phasing Plan, the available parcels are Parcel H and Parcels X & X-1. A potential developer has been identified for a market rate apartment project on Parcel U. For more details or to download the marketing brochure, click here to visit the Creative Village land brokerage website. Click here for the JLL News Release.